Why Regional Mental Health Services?

The five counties of southeastern Pennsylvania together are planning and developing regional specialized support services for people who have serious and persistent mental illness. As individuals are ready for discharge from State Hospitals and ready to move on into the community, the Counties together are developing specialized residential resources to meet the unique needs of each individual.

As many of the specialized supports become available, counties may now offer individuals a support even if the service is not located in the consumer's "home" county. This approach (using collaborative development of services) benefits individuals who might otherwise remain (unnecessarily) in institutions and allows counties a cost effective means of sharing specialized resources.


What is the Regional Mental Health Services Coordination Office?

The Regional Mental Health Services Coordination Office serves as the central contact for regional specialty services. As new services are developed, they are managed by a single office which oversees implementation on behalf of the five counties.

The office identifies opportunities for service development and once funds are secured, prepares requests for proposals for regional services, coordinates selection of program providers, and oversees the "Placement" process through which individuals engage in service.

The office collaborates with the counties where regional services are located to ensure ongoing monitoring of service delivery and quality assurance.

The office also arranges technical assistance and consultation as needed during the start up of new services and to ensure that services are tailored to individual needs.

Contact Information

Regional Mental Health
Services Coordinator:

(610) 313-0924
(610) 313-0968

Regional Forensic

(610) 313-5520

Fax: 610-313-0997

Electronic Mail:

Mailing Address:
537 Foundry Road,
Suite 1B
Norristown PA 19403

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