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Mental Health and substance use can often be viewed as somber, serious, or “heavy” topics. The program itself is designed to give appropriate weight to the severity of certain mental illnesses and addiction disorders while emphasizing hope for recovery and presenting the material in a relaxed and comfortable environment for course participants.  Course instructors will maintain a “virtual hallway” –and a breakout room, where participants can “step out of the training” if necessary.  One of the instructors will be available there to offer support. If you need to leave the training because you are upset or unsettled by the discussion or the material, we will follow up with you by phone. In the unlikely event that we cannot reach you, we will contact your personal support to offer additional resources.

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Mental Health First Aid Fall 2022 / Winter 2023 Trainings

What to expect:
Your instructors will present the material in a relaxed and comfortable environment for course participants in your own space!  We maintain a "virtual hallway," breakout rooms for all classes where participants can participate fully in the training for group activities, etc. just as in LIVE in-person trainings.  You will need to complete a 2 hour self-paced portion of the curriculum prior to the instructor led portion.  You will then need to complete a 5.5 hour LIVE instructor led portion of the curriculum via ZOOM.

What’s Exciting:             
Your certified instructors have learned to utilize all of the Zoom tools, so we will have breakout rooms for small-group discussions, whiteboards for drawing, a hallway for private talk, chats for sharing thoughts and questions! Participants will receive a Process Workbook to use throughout the training.  The virtual training is based on new curricula that includes expanded content on trauma, addiction and self-care.  The Youth MHFA will include new content applicable for adults working with elementary-age children, including content from Child Mind Institute and the impact of social media, trauma and bullying. The content is gender neutral and culturally relevant!

·Internet access with stable wi-fi or network connection
·Laptop, desktop or tablet with video and audio-enabled Zoom
·Interruption-free zone
·Technical assistance 

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:               (610) 313-0924

Welcome to Mental Health First Aid New Fall Classes presented by the SE Regional Mental Health Services. We are happy to announce that there are now three platforms for conducting Mental Health First Aid classes through the National Council. They are Virtual, Blended and In-Person training.

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Adult MHFA


12/16/2022 - 9 am - 3 pm

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See a synopsis of Adult Mental Health First Aid course content

Adult MHFA


01/21/2023 9am - 5pm

Trinity Lutheran Church 1000 West Main Street Lansdale PA 19446

See a synopsis of Adult Mental Health First Aid course content
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